Wintouch CRM: Reporting & Dashboards

Wintouch CRM provides the capability to create reports that present business data in a valuable way to the user. Our reports enable employees and management to make informed decisions, gauge and predict sales activities and recognize opportunities, problems and trends. Wintouch CRM offers enhanced features for report development, which include advanced search options, data filtering and much more. Utilizing these features allows your reports to exploit the many powerful and unique capabilities built into Wintouch CRM.

Wintouch Web: User, Account and Portal Dashboards

Wintouch Web reports and dashboards can pull information from any relational database accessible via SQL. These databases can be on the iSeries or any other server. The User Dashboard can be displayed when the user logs in to Wintouch Web. The Account Dashboard complements the information stored in Wintouch with detail or summary data from other databases. And the Portal Dashbaord offers a limited view of pre-defined data for customers logging into the Self-Service Portal.

  • Filter data just the way you want
  • Identify the right opportunities and trends
  • User-friendly report development
Snapshot Reporting Create snapshots reports. You can post the results in Wintouch CRM or even e-mail them.
Dynamic Column Sorting Wintouch CRM allows you to sort data via columns with just a click of the column header.
Report Security Selected views allow the Wintouch CRM database to be accessed as per the user's Wintouch CRM security role. Data is restricted based on the owner, the business unit, and the company.
Report Manager Get all your report management tasks done using Wintouch CRM’s intuitive Report Manager.