Wintouch CRM: Process Workflow

Automation is one of the key requirements of a CRM software solution. Wintouch CRM facilitates the creation and management of business processes. Every business has its own goals and a particular set of actions that have to be completed to achieve them. Wintouch CRM’s process workflow feature allows you to design processes based on actual data, implement processes and monitor workflows to keep moving towards your goals.

Customization Wintouch workflows can be customized to suit industry specifications to provide for your specific needs.
Workflow activities Create workflow activities and monitor how each workflow activity is performed.
Follow up Wintouch CRM will help you follow up on uncompleted tasks when necessary. This will make sure that deadlines are always met. Once a task is completed, the responsible persons will be notified on what to do next.
Easy management All information on customers, sales, communications, activities and timelines are accessible in one place, thus making it easier to implement new workflows and to modify existing ones when needed.