Wintouch CRM: Marketing and Leads

Keeping track of new leads generated through marketing efforts is one of the most essential features of Wintouch CRM. In order to keep the business moving forward by maximizing profits, it is important to have an effective process for attracting new customers. Wintouch CRM offers a comprehensive feature set for automating this process.

Lead Generation and Distribution Wintouch CRM facilitates the tasks of seeking out potential customers and automatically distributing the generated leads to the designated sales team members for further action.
Marketing Plans Since all the sales and customer information is accessible in one place, Wintouch CRM will accelerate the creation of successful marketing plans to attract new customers.
Follow ups Scheduling activities for email and phone follow-ups, correspondence record keeping and triggered events allow Wintouch CRM to assist in the process of following up on potential clients.
Forecasting Based on current sales data and prospective customer information, Wintouch CRM can help you identify potential future sales and forecast them with greater accuracy.
Sales Tracking Sales opportunities and closed sales are tracked by Wintouch CRM to give you greater visibility into your sales and marketing efforts.