Wintouch CRM: Email Integration

In a business organization, the majority of client communications is carried out via email. Wintouch CRM offers a series of email integration features that will not only co-ordinate all incoming and outgoing email communications, but also keep them organized the way you want. The features can be seamlessly integrated into your existing email system. Wintouch CRM’s email integration features will allow you to record sent and received emails through the application interface, thus making the communications process much more efficient, delivering you higher utility from communications. Wintouch CRM currently integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and Mozilla Thunderbird.

Easy Access Email history will be accessible from one place thus making communications more efficient. Also the ability to associate CRM data with communications gives you an edge in consolidating information.
Email Marketing Prospective and existing customer contact information will be of use when creating specifically targeted email marketing campaigns. Surveys, questionnaires and tailor made marketing emails can be created, sent and managed at once.
Templates Create message templates that can be edited accordingly to manage professional and consistent communication at all times.
Compatibility with Outlook and Thunderbird Allows Wintouch to be navigated via Outlook or Thunderbird to manage related customer records and contacts.
Scheduled Email Activities Wintouch email integration can schedule emails to be sent out when a particular event or action within the workflow acts as a trigger.