CRM Benefits

Increase Revenue and Profits

Wintouch gives you the power to enable your reps, managers and executives with the best AS400 CRM available. Your staff will be able to spend more time focusing on what is important to successfully increase your businesses productivity. Wintouch CRM helps companies communicate with prospects, share sales information, close deals and maintain customer satisfaction. In addition to rich CRM software features, because of its ability to tightly integrate with AS400 applications on your IBM Midrange Server, Wintouch gives each user instant access to business critical ERP or other AS400 information such as accounting, production, inventory, and shipping.

Improve Lead Generation and Conversion

Generating large amounts of leads is critical to increasing a company's sales. Utilizing an automated workflow system that features set timers, CRM solutions can give the sales team the ability to view leads as they come. Then they can expend their selling efforts to convert those leads into sales more efficiently, while maintaining accurate records thereof. Also, CRM allows a company to create specific sales regions, giving the sales team more localized management capabilities.

Increase Cross-Selling Opportunities

Companies produce more revenue when they maintain their customers through loyalty, as opposed to solely exhausting their resources searching for new customers. Customer/Client relationship management software can aid with this goal. Relevant information recorded in the CRM regarding customers' needs, can aid customer service reps and sales reps working along with them to expand the portfolio of goods that a customer buys.

Tap into Decision-Making Information

Using the CRM reporting tools, management and the sales team can detect trends, measure and project sales, monitor sales procedures, and assess the company's overall business performance. This knowledge will subsequently help make better future business decisions.

Maintain Customer Profiles

A company can address their customers' needs more efficiently when key information pertaining to each individual customer is recorded and easily accessible. CRM can capture and retain customer details like current accounts, pending or approaching orders, and payment history. Having this information in a centralized database can be very important for customer profiling as well as predicting which products and services the customer may have a need for in the future.

Enhance Customer Service

CRM gives a company quick and centralized access to all customer data along with tools to react effectively. This allows the customer service team to communicate productively with those customers as their needs for products and services develop.