The company behind Wintouch CRM

Founded in 1991, Touchtone has been a leader in developing enterprise software for the IBM i platform. With experience that spans over two decades, Touchtone has been focused on developing quality software for the IBM i platform.

Founded on Reputation

Throughout the years, Touchtone has garnered an iron-clad reputation for delivering powerful, cost-effective software solutions and outstanding customer support. Our exceptional customer loyalty is undoubtedly a great success for our company.

A Sustainable Operation

The strength behind any company is its staff. While we employ strict recruitment procedures to help hire the best software engineers, managers, and test engineers, the vast majority of our employees have been with Touchtone for 10 to 20 years. This retention of talent and brainpower has played a large part in building a strong and reliable workflow with our development and support staff. This is key to designing and creating software that is reliable and backed by the assistance of an experienced support team.

What we do

Touchtone has created software that has served to attract new clients, improve customer service and increase productivity for companies. With new strategies aimed at implementing our CRM to cater to the relevant needs that are unique to our customers' requirements, we have created a service that is par excellence. Get to know Wintouch CRM, which is one of our most successful products.

Product Enrichment is Guaranteed

At the rate technology is evolving, innovation and forward thinking can be invaluable to a company such as ours. With a rich and diverse clientele being reliant on Touchtone Corporation's Wintouch CRM and our other products, we are focused on enriching the feature sets of Wintouch CRM as well as our other software products on that platform. We guarantee product enrichment so that new benefits and features will help you run your business efficiently and effectively, every single time.

Excellent Customer Service

Your success is our success. It is as simple as that. But how do we make such a bold promise? By simply being there to listen to your concerns and to come up with solutions that would solve your business problems with the least amount of fuss. Our software engineers are standing by whenever our clients call. There is no doubt that increasing the efficiency of our customers' workflow through the utilization of our software solutions is the perfect way to maintaining a long-term relationship. Check out our services to understand how we can help you.

Our Clients

Enterprise Holdings

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