Paschall Truck Lines Inc.

Case Study

Paschall Truck Lines needed an iSeries solution

Paschall needed an iSeries solution to integrate with homegrown ERP.

Paschall Truck Lines (PTL) is an irregular route truckload carrier operating in the 48 contiguous states. PTL's nationwide operation as a carrier of general commodities developed from its transition from the LTL business to the truckload business in the early 1980's. PTL has developed an enviable reputation in the trucking industry with over 50 years of performance on America's roads.

Our level of success has been achieved through the careful selection of quality drivers and the best owner operators. Combined with a skilled management team, PTL's growth has risen steadily. Our number one product is service, which allows us to remain one of the top performers in the industry.

Describe the IT set-up

Pascal is on the IBM iSeries and has a homegrown ERP that Wintouch needed to integrate with.

What Problem(s) led you to look for a CRM solution?

We needed a CRM application to handle the recruitment of new drivers and owner-operators, as well as, to manage our accounts and services performed, etc.

We also realized that we had a whole group of Sales Reps accumulating data on thousands of accounts, but that we had no ownership of that data and it was frequently lost to us when that Rep left the company. Plus, we were continuously covering "old ground" by trying to make contact with accounts that were previously contacted or had already been qualified as a "dead lead."

Why did you ultimately choose Wintouch CRM over the others?

The online demo was more impressive than some of the other products we looked at and seemed more user friendly. Also, being internet-based, the data was automatically added to our database and didn't have to rely on the user to transmit periodically. And finally, a big part was that the Wintouch

interfaces with our AS/400 so that the data resides on our server rather than out there somewhere in the Ethernet.

Now that you have Wintouch up and running, how's it working for you?

Wintouch has made a huge difference in our Sales and Marketing efforts for several reasons. It's greatly increased our efficiency. Each salesman is able to make a greater number of sales contacts because he spends less time filing and preparing for sales call.

The email-out feature has also accelerated the number of contacts that can be made in a given time period. It's also improved our follow up. By scheduling future activities and being reminded of them each time the program is opened, we've done a better job of following up in a timelier manner, and hardly any accounts now "fall through the cracks."