Wintouch CRM: Administration

Automation is key to running a company in today’s business environment. Wintouch CRM allows you to automate the administrative tasks along with sales, marketing and customer service. Activities such as delegation of tasks to staff and monitoring performance are conveniently executed with the aid of Wintouch CRM.

Task Delegation From marketing and leads all the way to back-office processes, Wintouch CRM supports the delegation of specific tasks to the right personnel.
Incident Tracking Wintouch CRM will keep track of activities and monitor their progress from the moment they are created and assigned until completion.
Access to Data All data received from marketing, sales, customer service as well as other business functions can be accessed in Wintouch CRM. In addition, information can also be imported or exported when needed.
Monitoring Everything that is recorded in Wintouch CRM can be effectively monitored by management.