Wintouch CRM: Activity Management

Wintouch CRM’s activity management features comprise built in activity tracking, monitoring and storing tools. These tools will help companies generate detailed reports on historical and ongoing activities that are related to employees, customers and processes. Wintouch CRM’s activity management features coordinate all sales, customer service and marketing activities across the enterprise. Top level managers can plan, implement and scrutinize sales, marketing and customer service activities utilizing custom views. Using real-time data with custom filters, you can generate reports on activity performance based on current and historical records.

CTI Integration With CTI (computer-telephony integration), you can integrate your telephone lists with Wintouch CRM and access it via the software’s interface. Experience superior productivity in all your call centers.
Initiate Email Campaigns Plan out and execute mass email campaigns directed at customers and prospects.
Intuitive Import Facility Import files such as Excel worksheets into Wintouch CRM. Use this powerful feature to incorporate data from external sources on accounts, contacts, leads and other entities.
MS Outlook Integration Use this feature to add email attachments from CRM, create leads and contacts initiated in MS Outlook and build relationships between opportunities and calendar events.
Web Forms Capture and create leads via your company website and route inquiries to the appropriate staff members.