Wintouch CRM: Account and Contact Management

Use Wintouch CRM‘s Account and Contact Management features to get a complete understanding of customers and prospects by accessing all key data, which is consolidated into one central location. Access account history, key contact information, customer communications, and internal account discussions with just a few clicks. With Wintouch CRM‘s Account and Contact Management features, you are at an advantage when it comes to closing more deals and investing in long-lasting relationships, by having regular interactions, creating new cross selling and up selling opportunities, understanding customers and collaborating on data across your organization.

  • Understand Customers Better by Customizing Data the Way you Want
  • Make better Decisions with Multiple Views of Data
  • Ensure Accountability and Ownership for a higher Success Rate
Customizable Views Add custom fields according to your requirements. View your accounts based on campaigns, interactions, service request history and other criteria. You can even color code fields to differentiate the different data types based on various criteria such as marketing, accounting and/or sales information etc.
Data Collaboration With data stored centrally in a “storehouse”, you can choose to share data with whomever you want within the organization on prospects, customers, partners, competitors and employees.
Setup Customization Depending on the needs of your organization, the Web Forms in Wintouch CRM offers a range of setup and deployment customization options that are perfect for your company's needs.
Research Tools Use Wintouch CRM tools like Google Search, Google Maps and Proximity Search to glean data on current contacts and future prospects.
Fast Edits Save time and effort by making quick and easy edits to data without opening new windows.