CRM designed for the AS/400 (IBM i), well integrated with ERP such as JDE, CMS, MAPICS, etc.

If you are running a business on IBM servers, get an edge over the competition by deploying the well-integrated Wintouch CRM to turbo-charge your sales while enhancing customer care.

Developed by Touchtone Corporation for the IBM Power and PureSystems (IBM i), Wintouch CRM is a versatile CRM solution that is designed to deliver key benefits, which will make your company more profitable and more productive than ever.

With Wintouch deployed on your IBM systems and integrated with your existing enterprise data and applications, you stand to:

  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Make contact centers more efficient
  • Discover new opportunities
  • Help sales staff close deals quicker
  • Cross sell and up sell products far more effectively
  • Streamline sales and marketing processes
  • Increase revenues and profitability

Wintouch CRM Impact Movie

Touchtone Corporation presents Wintouch, the leading CRM solution designed specifically for IBM servers. Turbo-charge your sales, service and productivity with Wintouch CRM for IBM.

CRM solution for the IBM Power and PureSystems (IBM i)

Wintouch CRM is an all-in-one software solution that is designed to help businesses of all sizes improve productivity in marketing, sales, customer service, and administration. Experience Wintouch CRM's unique features for companies that run their business on the AS/400.

Integration and deployment

Deployment, including interconnection with homegrown applications or ERP systems like SAP, JDE, SolarSoft, and MAPICS is simple and cost-effective, thereby offering you richly integrated CRM functionality and rapid ROI.

Friendly user interface

The simple and user-friendly interface provides your entire staff a 360-degree view of customer information, sales analytics, customized dashboards, incident tracking, and more, on any device.

Configure and customize

You can configure and customize Wintouch CRM for IBM Systems any way you want to lend support to your company's unique processes with ease.

Extends legacy systems

Our solution also extends the life of your time-tested systems by leveraging legacy data while adding modern capabilities like process workflow, mobile access, and integrated messaging and collaboration, just to name a few.

What Our Customers Think

Paschall Truck Lines chooses Wintouch. Paschall needed an iSeries CRM application to handle online the recruitment of new drivers and owner-operators, as well as manage accounts, prospects and services performed. Paschall Truck Lines Inc.
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Wintouch provides online member portal. "Their [Touchtone's] customer service is absolutely incredible!"Sons Of Norwayread more

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